We provide a wide range of services: from the performance of the principle accounting tasks to complex, labour intensive work such as the preparation of business plans.


Our specialists have a good deal of experience in handling bookkeeping documents for businesses of various sizes. Our bookkeeping services include:

  • registration of advance invoices;
  • registration of sale and purchase invoices;
  • registration of cash desk documents;
  • fixed asset accounting;
  • calculation and registration of wages;
  • registration of bank documents;
  • quantitative accounting of transactions;
  • calculation of taxes;
  • preparation of financial statements and tax reports;
  • preparation of financial statistical reports;
  • preparation of internal financial reports (according to a separate agreement with the client):
    – creditors/debtors;
    – profit and loss account;
    – sales breakdown;
    – warehouse balance breakdown;
    – balance sheets;
  • filling in of applications (for banks, insurance, etc);
  • submission of documents to the State Tax Inspectorate and State Social Insurance Fund.


We have specialists who provide professional advice on questions of VAT law in various countries. They can prepare regular VAT reports submitted to the appropriate customs and tax administration institutions.


In some countries, for example Cyprus and Hong Kong, an audit report prepared by independent accountants is required to be attached to company financial reports. An audit is a verification of the reports, which is prepared by an independent accountant (who is more widely known as an auditor). The goal of such a verification is to make certain that the reports submitted by a company’s directors correctly and accurately describe the activities performed by the company and the financial results published by the company. An audit report is especially important for commercial companies. Third parties, especially banks and tax institutions, have more trust in audited financial reports. We have ties with a whole range of suitable qualified auditors able to provide these services.


International business people well understand today the importance of verifying the reliability of clients and suppliers before beginning big commercial operations. We are able to quickly supply accurate information about companies in every country. If information about the solvency of enterprises or natural persons actually exists, we can find the corresponding information and supply the necessary report. This information can be supplied via fax or e-mail within several days of the receipt of a request and they can help to quickly form an image of potential business partners.

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