We offer advice on commercial and other law, financial, and business questions. We help our clients by providing the following services:

  • advice on questions of selecting, establishing, and servicing a tax plan and type of company;
  • company structuring and financial engineering;
  • VAT planning;
  • assistance in performing commercial and investment operations, agency transactions, contracts, and preparation of invoices as well as in handling other everyday corporate structure matters;
  • advice on the use of companies, resident in countries with high taxes, for the purpose of international tax planning;
  • expert assistance in using a double taxation agreements.

Our philosophy is simple: we want our clients’ activities to be successful. Our aim is to offer practical solutions rather than general or irresponsible advice, to help our clients to develop their businesses, save money, and achieve high returns on their invested capital while ensuring the effectiveness of their expenses.

Many of our clients are business owners and at the same time business managers. In such cases, we prefer to work directly with those people who are controlling the business. We understand the way business people think since we work with them everyday. We are able to help them with constructive ideas and guide them through the labyrinth of regulations and bureaucracy, which all businesses encounter.

We strive to understand the totality of a client’s business as well as his aims and objectives.

We are not attempting to compete with the large accounting firms or law offices, which provide excellent services but frequently for a relatively high price. We are a single-minded and creative group of practitioners, which fathom the activities of our business clients and our services are not limited to just tax consultation and structuring but also include strategic business planning. We are oriented to professional firms and businesses of various sizes.

A distinctive feature of our services is that they are based on personal contacts with our office and with the professional specialists working off-premises.


Our specialists provide comprehensive services in the area of personal taxes in order to legally minimise tax liabilities.

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