Since 1998, Finreda has been working with over 60 highly experienced translators, interpreters and translation editors who provide professional translations from and into 19 leading foreign languages. After evaluating the client’s expectations and the content of the source text, the best-qualified expert is selected for that translation. We work with translators who have foreign language degrees issued in a country where that language is spoken and with native foreign language speakers. Some of our specialists have worked in diplomatic, commercial, and financial institutions abroad, making them well qualified to make translations in the areas of international business, law, banking, and commerce. For many years, we have also supplied specialised technical and advertising translations as well as translations of Lithuanian laws, government decrees, official information publications, etc. The selection of responsible, professional specialists has ensured not only the high quality of our translations but also the possibility of supplying stylistically and grammatically correct texts. Our main advantage is a good quality to price ratio.

Translations are delivered however a client wishes: on paper, on a digital medium, and/or by email. We also supply official translations, bound and sealed with a translation bureau seal, and arrange for the notarisation of translator signatures and the issuing of apostilles for documents. For many years we have successfully worked with state institutions, large banks, and well-known commercial establishments.

Strict quality control and flexibility towards the client’s needs are the foundation of our translation services.

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