We can assist in founding and servicing a company in any country, in which it would be economically beneficial for you to have a local company in order to expand your international commercial operations. Some clients wish to have a local company in the UK, Switzerland, or the US in order to become more attractive to consumers who prefer to patronise domestically registered companies and to increase their prestige, both things that can seriously affect sales. The place where a commercial company is registered may be selected on the basis of transportation, payment, or other conditions, thus leading to a need to found a company in a country like Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, or Russia.

International commerce is one of the most popular areas, which is used by companies founded in countries with a low taxation level. After involving an offshore company in international commercial operations, big possibilities for tax savings can arise. If an offshore company buys goods in one country and sells them to another country, the profit obtained from these transactions can be accumulated in an offshore company in an offshore business centre without taxation.

The Isle of Man and Madeira have become the most popular in carrying out commerce between the countries of the European Union. Both on the Isle of Man and in Madeira it is possible to register VAT payers, which is necessary for operations inside the European Union. For example, if a Manx company wishes to buy goods in France and sell them to Germany. This company gives its VAT payer number to the French firm so that a zero VAT rate is used in the sales invoice. In this case the French firm does not need to calculate VAT on the invoice presented to the Manx company. Then the Manx company, after obtaining the German firm’s VAT payer number, uses a zero VAT rate in its sales invoice.

This kind of transaction is usually impossible to perform through companies registered in other jurisdictions without founding a company branch or appointing a tax agent in the territory of the European Union and that can be complicated to do and have fiscal consequences.

The factoring (discounting) of debts or liabilities of a company resident in a country with a high taxation level through a company registered in a low tax jurisdiction can help in transferring funds to a low tax country.

Another ordinary instance is the use of an offshore company for large purchases of goods. Such a structure is usually created by a group of associated or independent companies in order to save money thanks to large scale purchases and low administrative costs. In addition, such an offshore structure can be effective in respect to taxes for residential activity schemes


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