The selection of politically and economically stable countries such as, eg., the Netherlands, Switzerland and UK, for founding companies can reduce the risks, which companies and natural persons can encounter in their own and third countries.

Both companies and natural persons constantly use offshore companies for holding investment portfolios. These portfolios can consist of company shares, bonds, monetary funds, and other investment products. Monetary funds held by offshore companies can earn tax-free interest on deposits or can be invested in mutual investment funds.

Some clients want life insurance and pension accumulation contracts to be prepared for their offshore companies.

Wealthy natural persons frequently use offshore companies as personal holding companies to hold investments in various markets and countries. Personal holding companies provide privacy, can help save the money spent to pay for specialised professional services, and can reduce other expenses connected with the founding and maintenance of various other alternative structures. In this respect, offshore companies are widely used for inheritance planning, accumulating and holding funds connected with the confirmation and validity of wills.


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